How To Be a High-Performance Entrepreneur AND Practice Self-Care

Updated on 7 October 2019

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self-care sme south africa

By: Godfrey Madanhire, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and life coach

The invention of email and mobile devices has meant it has become the norm for many entrepreneurs to be connected 24/7 and to expect the same from their staff. It is always harder to take time off for “self-care” sessions. Can you remember the last time you took time off?

Being able to find time for self-care is important. It’s bad news if you are failing to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime or to find time for family or rest.

While I have personally never had a breakdown, like many people I have experienced burnout.  To prevent myself from burning out, and to minimise stress, I ensure that I have a flexible schedule and manage expectations.

Often, when I have a mental barrier it’s due to a lack of personal time

Prepare in advance

A proper briefing and a handover document are vital to enjoying time off. Too often, no handover is done and no one picks up the slack. This can result in “leave anxiety”. You don’t want to land up on a lovely beach thinking, “are they completing my work?” Let’s be honest, it’s not a holiday if you return to a disaster.

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self-care sme south africa

Develop a monthly self-care plan

You should always set time aside for self-care time during the month. [Attend] one interesting event, take care of a personal task, or maybe a weekend away, whatever you do it should help you to lighten the load.

As a serial entrepreneur, it has become crucial for me to take some self care time for myself. When put under strain and stress, we all make mistakes, and as an entrepreneur, a miscalculation can mean the difference between surviving and closing.

The truth is, for an entrepreneur in Africa you need to have a clear head, be relaxed, and be able to roll with the punches – but if you’re tense and stressed, you are bound to make mistakes.

Self-care tips for the high performing entrepreneur

Tip #1 – Work at your own pace, no one else’s;
Tip #2 – Find time for yourself for relaxation and other aspects of your life;
Tip #3 – Make plans for your leave and install individuals that can pick up the slack;
Tip #4 – Maintain and manage the expectations of clients;
Tip #5 – Moreover, always treat your employees as you do yourself.

About the author: Godfrey Madanhire is founder of Dreamworld Promotions, a company that produces material of motivational speakers and facilitates corporate workshops. He is also a motivational speaker, a life coach and author of the book The Passport.

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