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Updated on 18 October 2021

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As digitalisation fast forwards and people reach out for convenient digital experiences, Standard Bank has focused on delivering solutions that meet client needs and improve their client experience. Their digital International Payment Solutions are an example of how they provide convenience and give clients control over their International Payments.

“Our solutions allow our clients control over their payments and foreign exchange, making their banking experience more seamless. Online International payments are convenient, and clients can make secure payments that comply with exchange control regulations. All you have to do is choose a solution that’s right for you,” says Rosh Sundram, Head International Payments Client Experience.

Making International payments on Internet Banking is simple. This channel is suitable for payments of up to R1.5 million per transaction. Clients can view and book exchange rates, upload the requested documents for the payment and track the status online. To register for Internet Banking, simply visit the Standard Bank website, click on ‘Sign into account’, then click on ‘Internet Banking’ and register your details.

Standard Bank’s alternate channel Business Online enables segregation of duties and individual limits, it integrates with mainstream accounting packages and allows clients to make future dated payments. It is suitable for payments of any amount and from rand and foreign currency accounts. It also accommodates single and multiple payments. To go digital on Business Online clients may contact their transactional relationship team.

Clients may also hedge their currency exposures through eMarketTrader and eMarketTrader Mobile. This single web-based solution is an advanced cross-asset trading platform, bringing together market intelligence and research, real-time pricing, trade execution and post-trade services. eMarketTrader Mobile is a free app which allows you to track market movement and buy or sell currency (both SPOT and Forward Exchange Contracts) directly through your mobile device. Clients can download eMarketTrader Mobile from their preferred app store.

For additional information visit our International Payments webpage on, or contact our International Payments Service Desk on 0860 123 007 or via the email address

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