Kulula.com Offers Royal Couple a Honeymoon

Updated on 16 May 2018

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South African airline Kulula.com announced on Tuesday, that they sent an official invite to soon-to-be-wed, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to consider taking a “sho’tRight” to pop over to South Africa for their honeymoon.

“Thabang “Happiness” and Bontle “Beautiful” — [are] our proudly South African names [that] we bestowed upon them. The invite requests the happy couple to consider taking a sho’tRight and pop over for a hot-hot-honeymoon, Mzansi style,” the airline said in a statement.

“Making some references between the British and South Africa, kulula enticed the young royals to come and celebrate “their same, but differences”, taking it “easy” kulula style. This will include driving on our “left” side of the road, some of our castles, our love for the African sun and lastly our type of English breakfasts or errrrrrm…Mopani worms.”

Kulula said should the royal couple wish to take up on their offer to host them, they would offer to fly them around for “mahala” [for free], roll out the green carpet and let Markle practice her royal wave for all South Africans who would like to see it.

“All over the world South Africa is renowned as a magnificently beautiful country, but we are also a country with the warmest and most welcoming people,” Bridgette Ramuluvhana, marketing manager of kulula.com said.

“Just as the royal family welcomes Meghan into the royal family, who better than kulula.com to congratulate the new royal couple and as a wedding gift from South Africans, give the new princess a little fly-over, to show her all that South Africa has to offer.”

Kulula said they were holding thumbs to be granted the opportunity to add a sprinkle of ginger to the already hot and spicy flavour that they were serving up in Mzansi.

“That is, if we are lucky enough to host the happy couple after they say their “I do’s”,” the company said.

“But don’t leave all the fun in our lovely winter sun, just for them. Lap it up and have yourselves a royal time, whilst we hold our breaths in anticipation. Get yourself onto one of our green machines and go explore all that Mzansi has on offer in Cape Town, Durban, George, East London and Johannesburg.” (via African News Agency)

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