Mest Africa Challenge Finalists Announced

Updated on 21 May 2018

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The regional winners of the inaugural Mest (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology) Africa Challenge, the Pan-African startup pitch competition open to companies outside the Mest programme, have been announced.

Winners from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa will pitch their companies in front of leading global investors, entrepreneurs and executives at the finals in Cape Town on 20 June 2018, during the Mest Africa Summit, for a chance to receive up to $50,000 in equity investment.

The MEST Africa Challenge is the first Pan-African pitch competition hosted by MEST. The top 32 finalists — 8 from each of the following regions: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana — were selected to face off in regional competitions over the last few weeks.

These finalists pitched in front of a board of experienced judges to prove they’ve found product market fit and are well positioned to scale into new African markets. One finalist was chosen from each region. They are:

1. (Ghana) – Cowtribe is a USSD-based technology that connects livestock farmers with veterinarians who can provide vaccinations. Cowtribe has shown great traction and has identified a market with high growth potential in Ghana and abroad.
2. Accounteer (Nigeria) – Accounteer is a Saas company offering accounting and payroll management software tailored to the needs of African SMEs. With over 25 million SMEs operating in Sub-Saharan Africa, Accounteer has identified a significant opportunity.

3. Data Integrated (Kenya) – Data Integrated is a payment processing company for the public transport industry in Kenya, offering tools and services for transport operators, stakeholders and other interest groups along the value chain.
4. Swift Vee (South Africa) – Swift Vee is South Africa’s first livestock and agricultural trading platform. With a solid MVP in place, they are on the path to owning significant market share as this traditional marketplace shifts online.

Chief executive officer of Mest Africa Summit sponsor GHL Bank, Dominic Adu says: “The world economy is rapidly changing to disrupt traditional businesses through technology, innovation, and global competition.

“As more traditional jobs are eroded, startups will be the key contributing factor to curbing unemployment and protecting our lifestyles and livelihoods as a nation and continent.”

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