Peer-To-Peer Storage Platform Sxuirrel to Expand to Cape Town

Updated on 24 April 2018

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Peer-To-Peer Storage Sxuirrel Secures R2.4Mil In Seed FundingSxuirrel – a Stellenbosch-based peer-to-peer storage and space finding solution – will be expanding it’s offering to the Western Cape, adding to its growing foothold in Gauteng.

Launched a year ago in Stellenbosch, Sxuirrel has concentrated on establishing a presence in Gauteng, building on the established base in Stellenbosch where Sxuirrel was founded. The developers have now announced their expansion into Cape Town and its surrounding areas.

Michael-John Dippenaar, Sxuirrel’s Chief Executive, says that increasing their supply base in Cape Town is part of a long term strategy for national expansion. “Currently our goal is to build up a solid network of available storage and parking spaces in Cape Town to offer to our network. Space is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity in Cape Town and we feel that this region is highly relevant to our offering.”

Sxuirrel’s offering comprises three key space elements: storage space, parking space – and soon to be added eventing space in the form of venues. The Sxuirrel app enables anyone with extra storage, an unused parking space or an events venue to connect with those who need it. It is a peer-to-peer platform that benefits both the providers and users of the space listed on the app.

Last year the startup secured seed funding of R2.4 million from a strategic partner investment holding company with interests in the storage, logistics and transport industry, in return for a minority shareholding.

Sxuirrel is currently conducting market research in and around Cape Town through an online survey. “We hope to gain insight into space availability in the city and its surrounds and establish what the current need for space is within this market,” says Dippenaar. “This information will be crucial to the roll out of our offering in this region as we want to ensure that we meet everyone’s needs in the most efficient and convenient way possible.”


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