SA’s Unemployment Rate Eased to 26.7 Percent in Fourth Quarter 2017

Updated on 13 February 2018

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In its household-based quarterly labour force survey, Statistics South Africa said the working-age population grew by 152,000 or 0.4 percent during the fourth quarter, while the labour force declined by 351,000 people.

Both employment and unemployment decreased in the quarter, resulting in a one percentage point in the jobless rate.

Stats SA said the employment gains recorded in the informal sector (119,000 people) and agriculture (39,000) were offset by job losses in the formal and private household sectors (135,000 and 43,000 respectively). This resulted in employment declines of 21,000 between the third and fourth quarters.

The stats agency collects data on the labour market activities of individuals aged 15 years and older who live in South Africa for the survey, but its report only covers labour market activities of persons aged 15–64 years. (via African News Agency)

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