Six Ideas for Boosting Corporate Wellness

Updated on 17 July 2019

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Did you know that employees who feel like their needs are met at work are five times more likely to perform at their best? And when employees are unhappy, overall productivity takes a serious downturn? This is one of the many reasons why the physical, emotional and mental health of team members should be top of mind for every team leader.

Boost team spirit with a corporate wellness week that will inspire your team and create a healthy environment overflowing with positive energy and great work.

Here are some corporate wellness ideas to motivate the masses.

1. Bring on the Competition

Physical health often comes hand in hand with emotional and mental well-being. Host a healthy lifestyle challenge, where employees are encouraged to eat healthier and get fit. Because nothing gets people energised quite like positive competition, offer prizes for various achievements and enjoy the benefits of a generally healthier work environment.

2. Celebrate Wellness Wednesday

To keep wellness top of mind, a weekly wellness check-in is ideal. Repeatedly investing a small amount of time for each team to share their wellness successes and concerns is a great way to avoid burnout. These sessions can be used for breathing techniques, sharing thoughts and even simple moments of mindfulness. Just make sure to mix it up each week and keep it relevant.

3. Host a Health Fair

Host a wellness day at the office complete with healthcare professionals such as a nurse, physiotherapists and other supporting specialists to check the concerns and overall wellbeing of staff. A great addition to this is offering free or subsidised flu shots during flu season.

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4. Create a Health Masterclass

A corporate learning lunch is a great way to get everyone involved. Have an expert that addresses any issues that you feel to talk about to your corporate culture. Things such as fitness, nutrition, stress management and mental health are great topics to improve the overall happiness of your team.

5. Improve Your Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of workspace and tasks. It addresses the way that interactions are laid out in order to minimise stress. Appreciate the ergonomics in your workplace and improve it where you can. Small details such as specialised mouses, keyboards, screens and chairs can help to boost overall wellness in your office space.

6. Start a Stress Circle

This will allow employees to express themselves openly. It’s a form of interpersonal counselling that is highly successful in stressful environments. Create a safe space and encourage employees to regularly talk about things that cause them anxiety and to express themselves freely, without judgement.

In the end, a healthy workplace is a happy one!

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