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Women’s Month 2020

Download SME South Africa’s ‘Female Entrepreneurship & Funding’ Case Studies and learn more about the funding journeys of local women entrepreneurs who are behind some of the country’s most Bankable, Scalable and Future-fit businesses.

What’s inside:

  • The strategies they used to secure funding.
  • The impact of business funding on their businesses’ growth.
  • How they navigated the challenges they faced during the application process.
  • Their advice for other female entrepreneurs.

GET ACCESS to in-depth interviews with 4 South African Women Entrepreneurs.


“There is a lot of planning and administration that goes into the application process. Applying for funding is tiresome and intense.”

Salamina Mosese Sorele Media (Film & Media)


“If you get the right investor on board, they will be able to bring other like-minded investors.”

Stacey Brewer SPARK Schools (Education)


“Once you have secured the funding, your investor is effectively your employer. The money you receive is not yours, it is the investors’ and you are obliged to use it wisely towards creating long-term value for them.”

Tlalane Ntuli Yalu (Financial Services)


“I decided late last year to apply, apply, apply and there have been many rejections but there have also been many successes.”

Mukundi Lambani – Ambani Africa (Edu-Tech)

Resource - Women Entrepreneurship & Funding’ Case Studies

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