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Updated on 21 June 2021

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Since our launch in 2014 by digital media entrepreneur, Velly Bosega, SME South Africa has stayed true to it’s mission to helps SMEs to startup, grow and expand.

Over the years we have done this by providing our readers with inspiring entrepreneur stories, business advice, and business tools and resources.

Now we are able to do more.

We are excited to unveil SME South Africa’s new direction which allows us to have an even bigger impact on the growth of small businesses.

The new SME South Africa combines the same useful content and resources that have made us a trusted voice in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, with a powerful e-commerce solution that enables small business owners to purchase tech and other business solutions such as business financing and insurance.

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As we go forward, we want to thank our community of entrepreneurs for your support over the years. We can’t wait for you all to start using the platform and to see just how simple sourcing all the solutions you need can be. Keep an eye out – the website launches 2 July 2021.

Learn more about our new direction, changes to the platform and how we are working to help even more SMEs.

– Why the change?

Our vision has always been to build a one-stop-shop resource platform for SMEs in South Africa. We now offer more than just inspirational content; we have found more simple ways for SME owners to access funding and have introduced product and service review guides that empower business owners in making informed decisions when buying a new tech product or service.  

– What can you expect from the new SME South Africa?  

The new SME South Africa makes it easier than ever for small business owners to make major purchases for their businesses.

Whether you need accounting software to make it easier to keep track of your finances or financing to expand your small business, we know how confusing and time-consuming the buying process can be.

We can now hold your hand whether you are right at the beginning of the buying journey or are ready to make a purchase or get a quote.

To help you make the best choice you can access reviews of some of the biggest brands and find out the features and pros and cons, trusted recommendations, and lastly compare features and cost using our powerful comparison feature.

Below are the business solutions you will be able to review, compare and buy on SME South Africa.

– Business Loans
– Business Insurance
– Accounting Software
– Payment Solutions
– E-Commerce Solutions
Web Hosting
– Broadband
– Professional Services

– How will the new SME South Africa help small businesses?

Although South Africa prioritises entrepreneurial spirit, there are many barriers in the path of entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses. The two biggest obstacles are access to financing and tech use.

Many business owners don’t use technology in their business and are missing out on the major benefits of tech such as access to new markets, reduced business costs, and improved efficiency and competitiveness.

Similarly, while financing plays a considerable role in the growth and survival of any small business, 93% of SME owners surveyed are actively looking for funding and are failing, mostly because entrepreneurs find it difficult to access financing.

SME South Africa seeks to close this gap by offering a practical, and easy to use way to get all the business solutions and services you need.

– Will I be able to get funding for my business? 

Whether you are in need of a cash advance or asset finance we know how important access to financing is for a growing business. While SME South Africa will not offer funding, we can assist you in getting a quote for whichever financing you need.

To help you make the best decision, you can also read our reviews of available funding options and get recommendations for the best financing options available.

– Will the old content still be available?

Yes, all the content that is currently on the site will still be available. We will also continue to update the website with new articles and resources.

– Will there be any changes to the email subscription?  

There will be no changes to the email we send to your inbox every week. As a subscriber you can look forward to more product giveaways, discount codes and access to webinars and more.

– What will happen to SME Solutions?

SME Solutions has been incorporated into the new SME South Africa. This means all the great features and content on SME Solutions will be available on the new SME South Africa.

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