Soweto’s Ekasi Tech Fest returns to cater to Township-based Gaming and Tech Enthusiasts

Updated on 8 June 2018

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reflection-pad-gaming-gamepadThe second Ekasi Tech Fest & Gaming Expo, now called “Ekasi Tech Fest 2018” is back again for 2018 and is set to be held from 19 to 20 October 2018 at Soweto’s Dlamini Multi Purpose Hall.

The event aims to meet the needs of technology and gaming enthusiasts in Soweto and surrounding areas and will bring together policy makers, industry players, entrepreneurs and experts in township technology innovation.

The targeted audience for the e-Kasi Tech Festival are township entrepreneurs, existing corporations and government entities looking to change the way they do business, students and young people interested in entrepreneurship or a career in ICT,  incubators, gaming and eSports brands also community groups or individuals members who have innovative ideas they would like to share.

“Events like the Ekasi Tech Fest help people in the developing world uncover new ways of growing their own digital economies in ways that more conventional markets never imagined,” says Mpho Tladi, spokesperson for the Ekasi Tech Fest.

The expo aims to be a platform for startups to showcase their innovation, engage with policy makers, the private sector and the community at large with the intention of commercialising their creativity.

The Ekasi Tech Fest will introduce a wide variety of educational and entertainment video games and other next-generation platforms such as Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) to a whole new audience.

The programme will include panel discussions focused on exploring career opportunities in gaming as well as the Indie Games Showcase Competition which is open to early stage technology and digital startups. The event will for the first time host the Soweto Esports Community Cup Final in Pro Gaming FIFA & Tekken 7. There will also be a Counter Strike (CS:GO) competitive match on the cards.

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