SpliceWorks Matches Tech Startups with Corporates – Now You Can Register to Join

Updated on 26 January 2018

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SpliceWorks, an online networking platform that matches tech startups and corporates, announced last week that they were accepting registrations from tech startups around the country seeking to do business with corporates.

Technology businesses, whether startup, SME or entrepreneur, can get access to clients who might need their technology or digital innovation. The platform was launched in September last year by BCX, a Telkom owned company.

“Our goal is to get you to market and open the door not only to a vast network of Telkom Group and BCX customers, but also the broader private and public sector,” it says on their website.

“We can introduce you to a potential supplier or solution for the many digital and tech challenges that will become crucial for your business survival in the future.”

They are looking for “vetted, commercially-ready and viable vendors who can offer digital technology solutions for process, system or platform challenges, and that’s precisely what we aim to deliver.”


Find out more about how SpliceWorks works. 

Not an incubator

SpliceWork is not an incubator or accelerator.

Our marketplace is a little different to innovation hubs and incubators because we bring all the players and elements, from idea generation to business development and funding opportunities, conveniently together in one place through one digital network.

“We can match you as a Tech Entrepreneur or Tech Seeker at any stage of readiness – so whether the relationship starts with the seed of an idea, or is already a digital technology process or platform that has been developed, our single-minded goal is to minimise the risk for both parties and grow the entire South African technology industry’s demand and supply chain.

The target market

“Our marketplace is all about fintech, social tech, health tech, edutech, manufacturing and resource solutions, and everything in between,” the website states.

A proven model

The platform concluded beta testing with 70 entrepreneurs in November last year, according to a Ventureburn article.

The first deal

In November last year, the first deal on the platform was closed — between fintech startup Bizcash and Telkom Group company Trudon. Bizcash is a fintech startup. It was launched in 2016, and is a disruptive fintech platform designed to give SMMEs quicker access to loans.

The startups

“There are around 150 entrepreneurs on the platform now,” SpliceWorks CEO and founder Floris Buys told Ventureburn.

In the same article, Buys says they hope to “sign up an additional 250 tech entrepreneurs and 30 tech seekers”.

Costs to register

There is no cost to sign-up on the SpliceWorks Digital Technology Marketplace platform, and signing-up carries no obligation. “All you’re doing by signing-up is introducing yourself and your business to us, which gives us an idea of what you’re looking for and what your technology challenges might be, then we’ll start the process of vetting viable Tech Entrepreneurs on your behalf.

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