Making the Right Moves with the Standard Bank Business Credit Card

Updated on 28 July 2021

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Making the Right Moves with the Standard Bank Business Credit Card

As a business owner you want a credit card that allows you to take advantage of opportunities or pay for day-to-day running costs, which is why Standard Bank has launched its new globally accepted Visa Business Credit Card. ​

The Visa business credit card not only gives business owners the license to make the right moves, but also gives them access to cash, to grow their business and manage spend in real time. With sophisticated business reporting, you will be able to  monitor spend which will empower you to make informed decisions around managing your business.

“Liquidity is key to achieving business growth and managing business costs. At Standard Bank, we understand business owners do not want their business to be derailed by big purchase items, ad hoc office expenses or unplanned extras. At the same time, we also understand, business owners do not want to miss out on opportunities to grow their business because of a lack of financing,” says Ethel Nyembe, Head of Group Card & Payments at Standard Bank.

“The Visa Business Credit Card helps to ensure that our customers are able to run and manage healthy businesses. It offers a convenient way to optimise your cash flow, manage your repayment, monthly fee, expenses and card custodians via real-time insights,” continues Nyembe

The Standard Bank Visa Business Credit Card also gives you cash flow and liquidity at the ready while being 55 days interest-free, and with a minimal 5% repayment and low monthly fees, it offers more affordable credit.

Business Credit Card customers can download and use Standard Bank’s mobile banking app or internet banking platform to manage their account, view balances and their latest transactions.

Standard Bank has also ensured that customers who use the Visa Business Credit card on qualifying purchases see added benefit by linking it to our UCount Rewards programme.  With UCount Rewards for Business customers earn up to 1.25% on credit card purchases, up to R5 per litre of fuel at Caltex and up to 5% at our rewards retailers.

“Business plays a crucial role in the growth of Africa. Business provides employment, stokes new economies, and connects the continent and the rest of the world. As part of the biggest bank in Africa, we want consumers to know that if they are looking to grow their business by accessing additional funding, the Visa Business Credit Card is one way that will help to get things moving again. Standard Bank is committed to partnering with businesses to provide solutions that will aid their recovery and that of the South African economy, Bank On Us and let us drive your success,” concludes Nyembe.

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