Taxify Partners with Local Food Delivery Service OrderIn

Updated on 31 January 2018

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food delivery hamburgerLocal food delivery service OrderIn has signed an exclusive partnering deal with ride-hailing app Taxify which offer incentives to customers and additional earning power to Taxify drivers.

“It all comes down to scale, with more scale we can offer greater efficiency to our customers and reduce our prices – even further,” says Dinesh Patel, CEO and founder of OrderIn.

The collaboration will be promoted through social media, in-car and in-app. Discount coupon codes will be offered to first time OrderIn and Taxify users and ongoing exclusive incentives will be made available to regular customers.

“We’re continuously on the look-out for innovative ways to incentivise our drivers and grow our customer base in local markets. The partnership with OrderIn was a logical next step for us,” says Sinako Cetyiwe, operations manager at Taxify. “As the saying goes – ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’”

Launched in 2012, OrderIn has a network of over 1 200 restaurants in all the major metropoles.

Taxify, which re-launched in South Africa in 2016, already operates in 20 countries worldwide.

“Our focus as a company has always been to provide our drivers with higher revenue-per-ride,” says Cetyiwe. “We strongly believe that a happy driver means a happy rider. With this in mind, we seek strategic relationships that not only benefit our customers, but also boost the earning power of our drivers.

“The partnership with OrderIn offers just that. We’re looking forward to a long-term relationship with Dinesh and his team.”

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