Technology Use Among Small Businesses

To remain competitive in the short and long-term, small businesses should be using the very best technology tools available at their disposal.

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The reasons South African business owners are not making use of technology at the levels they should.
The tech benefits that small business owners are missing out on such as access to new markets, reduction in business costs, and improved efficiency and competitiveness.
How technology brands should be talking to small business owners and the role of entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders in increasing technology use.

What's inside:

  • How SMEs are currently using technology and the barriers they need to overcome.
  • Insight on the role of technology providers in getting SMEs online.
  • The importance of education in increasing tech adoption.
  • Strategic recommendations and solutions going forward.

With expert insights

entrepreneur Luvuyo Rani

“If you look at the issue of data prices in South Africa, with ours being the highest in Africa, we are placing those who cannot afford it at a disadvantage because they are unable to attain information and knowledge to enhance and empower themselves. This will also place them at a disadvantage because they'll be unable to fully participate in the 4IR.”

Luvuyo Rani, co-founder and MD, Silulo Ulutho Technologies

Gugu Mjadu, Executive General Manager Marketing of Business Partners (1)

"More affordable data is essential for both economic development and for unleashing opportunities for South Africa's youth."

Gugu Mjadu, executive general manager of marketing, Business Partners Limited

Professor Barry Dwolatzky

“There is a lack of appropriate technology skills. SMEs are not alone in this. There is a general shortage of digital skills in the South African economy. The result is that the cost of employing a well-qualified person is very high. This leads to the second critical gap, namely the affordability of technical skills.”

Professor Barry Dwolatzky, founder and director, Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE)

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