Things to Sell on Entrepreneurs Day

Updated on 19 May 2023

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entrepreneur day

Whether it’s a school market or an event at your local community centre, entrepreneurs day is a great opportunity to make some extra money.

If you’re thinking of starting a new business, then you can use entrepreneurs day as a way of dipping your feet in the water and testing out your business idea. You could also use entrepreneurs day to simply sell some products you know will be popular and make some extra money.

But, what are the best things to sell? This all depends on who you’re selling to, where you are, and what skills and resources you have available. Ideally, try to sell something that’s unique and aligns with your target consumers’ interests.

To help you get started, here are some of the best ideas for things to sell on an entrepreneur’s day. Think about your own skills and your target audience to establish what products would be most successful.

Handmade Crafts

If you’re creative and practical, selling small handmade crafts is always a good idea. You can create things like jewellery, candles, pottery, or unique artwork. Of course, this all depends on your skills, as you’ll want to sell items that are unique and personalized. Although, you can also resell crafts produced by other people.

Customized Products

Customizing popular products is always a good idea. For example, you could create custom prints on things like T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, or tote bags. You could buy these plain and add your own personal design or messages, or you could even print them on-demand with the customer’s name or photo.

Food Items

When it comes to selling things at an entrepreneur’s day, homemade food products are generally the most popular option. You could sell food made to order, or sell pre-made food like baked goods. Of course, you could also sell packaged food items like jams, chutneys, or sauces.

If you’re not much of a chef, there’s also the option of reselling popular food items – like dried fruit or sweets. Buy this in bulk, and simply sell it at a markup.


Organic or Locally Sourced Products

People love organic products and local specialities. Depending on where you are and who you’re selling to, you could sell organic fruits and vegetables, homemade organic skincare products, or locally sourced honey, spices, or teas.

You’ll need to have a good local supplier for these items. You’ll also need to make sure there’s demand for these, as speciality local products, can often be quite expensive.

Vintage or Antique Items

If you have a good eye and enjoy collecting old things, then this is a great idea for entrepreneur’s day. You could collect and sell vintage clothing, accessories, furniture, or unique antique pieces.

This will involve spending time rummaging through flea markets and second-hand stores, but with enough patience, you can find some gems sold at very low prices. You might need to clean them up a bit, and you can add a good markup to the items.

Handmade Soaps and Bath Products

Soaps, skincare products, bath bombs, body scrubs, or other scented items are always a hit at market days. You could create your own natural and aromatic products, or source them from somebody else. Be sure to put care and attention into the way you package these products, as this can make all the difference in how they sell.

Plants and Gardening Supplies

Consider selling potted plants, succulents, or herbs. You could also sell gardening tools and accessories. This is a great idea because you can grow these plants from seed, which is basically free to do. If you have a green thumb, then this could be a profitable business idea.

Eco-Friendly Products

People are always interested in environmentally-friendly products, and there are plenty of different options you could sell here. Environmentally friendly alternatives like reusable straws, bamboo toothbrushes, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, or recycled paper products are always a good idea.

You could also get creative, and repurpose and upcycle waste products. Create bags, planters, artwork, decor, or any other unique items you could think of.

Pet Accessories

Pet owners are always looking for new ways to spoil their furry companions. Selling unique, handmade pet accessories like pet beds, leashes, toys, or organic pet treats can be a great idea for an entrepreneur’s day.

These are just a few popular product ideas for an entrepreneur’s day. Whatever you sell, make sure it aligns with your skills, available resources, and target audience. Even the most simple ideas can become highly profitable ventures if done correctly.

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