Water-saving Hackathon Launches this Week

Updated on 6 February 2018

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Bluewater, I-Drop partner to improve access to clean drinking water in Africa

Startupbootcamp (SBC) Cape Town and RCS Group are hosting a water-saving hackathon from 9-10 February 2018 to commission technology from the wider Cape community in an effort to #DefeatDayZero.

The H2O (Hack Two Day Zero) event will host executives from Old Mutual, Nedbank, RCS, Woolworths Financial Services and PwC to engage with entrepreneurs, students, concerned citizens, and local government.

States Regan Adams, CEO of the RCS Group: “We are in the midst of a water crisis in the Western Cape and with the implications of Day Zero fast approaching there will be wide-spread impacts. The onus is not only on the individual to conserve water, but as corporates, we have a responsibility to collectively apply our minds to this challenge facing the society which we operate in.

“Hosting a hackathon purely focusing on the water crisis was the perfect opportunity for RCS to show both support and desire to address this issue. At RCS we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and we believe in the agility of tech startups to make a difference. It is, therefore, our ambition that the event may lead to finding valuable and feasible solutions for both companies and individuals.”

Hackathon participants will have two days to pitch their ideas, form teams, and create prototypes under the guidance of corporate sponsors.

“For the winning team, there will be a cash prize, with an added incentive of building the solutions designed if they are believed they will make the impact we envision,” states Paul Nel, chief partnership officer and CFO of Startupbootcamp Cape Town.

If you are interested in participating in the event, you can sign up here.

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