What is a Business Lead? 

Updated on 8 July 2022

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Finding prospects and turning them into customers is an essential task for any business. This involved generating and nurturing business leads. This is particularly important in the B2B space, where leads are the focus of all marketing and sales strategies.  

What exactly is a business lead and how do you get them? We’ll cover everything you need to know in our quick guide below.  

What is a Lead for a Business? 

A lead is a prospective customer for your business. A business lead is any person who has shown an interest in what you sell. Businesses generate leads through marketing materials and actions and then introduce leads into their sales cycle. This involves nurturing and following up with the lead and hopefully gaining a sale out of them.  

Lead generation is an essential marketing and sales strategy for B2B services 

How Can I Get Leads For My Business? 

A lead is someone who has expressed an interest in your products or services. What’s important here is that your business captures the lead’s contact information (like name and email address). This is necessary for reaching out to them, which leads to business transactions. There are many different ways that you can get leads for your business.  

Leads are often generated through marketing materials. For example, your business could host a webinar on a topic related to your products, services, or target customers’ pain points. Every person that joins the webinar provides their name and email address. These people can now be considered leads because they have shown an interest in what your business offers. You can add these leads to a mailing list, and target them with strategic marketing messages and sales outreach.  

This is just one example, but the same idea can apply to all kinds of marketing actions. For example, you can generate business leads through gated content on your website (like eBooks), popups promoting your newsletter, or running a giveaway or promotion. Leads can also be generated through referrals from your existing customers.  

How Do I Get Free Leads for My Business? 

Lead generation doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can get free leads by generating them through marketing materials that you publish, such as blog posts and newsletters. You can get free leads through social media, by publishing great video content, creating lead-generating landing pages, and optimizing your website with lead-capturing forms. You can also get free business leads through advertising on an online B2B service marketplace. 

Generating free leads is mostly about getting your website visitors and audience to share their contact details with you. You can achieve this by sharing helpful, valuable content and solutions with them. 

What are the Different Types of Leads? 

Not every prospect you earn leads to business activity straight away. Thre are different types of leads which should be targeted with different marketing materials and strategies. In the most simple sense, these include: 

  • Cold leads: New leads who still need to be “warmed up” and educated about your business. They’re interested, but not quite ready to make a sale.  
  • Hot leads: Leads who are actively looking to make a sale. 

The different types of business leads can also be broken down into three categories. These are: 

  • Lead 1: A lead who understands their problem, has done their research, and knows that they need your service. They’re looking to buy. 
  • Lead 2: These leads need your services, but not straight away. They’re still doing some research into their problem. 
  • Lead 3: These leads are curious about what your business offers, but they’re far from being serious buyers. They will need a lot more time and persuasion until they’re ready to make a sale.  

What Are Good Sales Leads? 

A good sales lead is any prospect who is ready to make a purchase. These leads have shown an interest in your services, established trust with your business, and know exactly what they’re looking for.  

Good sales leads general require some warming up before they’re ready to be passed along from the marketing team to the sales team.  

It’s essential to understand what a business lead is and how to generate them if you’re going to run effective sales strategies. For B2Bs, marketing and sales strategies are focused on generating leads and getting them to move down your funnel. 

Luckily, lead generation is possible for all kinds of businesses with a few free strategies. Get these tactics right, and it will help you make a lot more sales. 

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