8 Best and Cheapest Courier Services in South Africa 

Updated on 5 August 2022

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Access to courier services that are reliable and cheap is a necessity for many businesses. Whether you’re looking to fulfil orders from your online store, arrange delivery of stock, or need to make special logistics requests, an efficient courier service is essential. 

The good news is that South Africa is full of courier services. So, how do you know which one to choose? 

Here is a breakdown of eight of the best and cheapest courier service options that operate around the country. 

1. The Courier Guy 

The Courier Guy is one of the biggest, and most reasonably priced, courier companies in South Africa. If you’re looking for a cheap courier service with a good reputation, then this is a top company to consider.  

The Courier Guy was started, as the name suggests, with one man and a motorbike back in 2000. Today the courier company delivers to routes all around the country. You can choose same-day express delivery, same-day economy delivery, overnight delivery options, and more.  

The Courier Guy handles deliveries for many small businesses, large corporate clients, and individual customers.  

2. Fastway 

With over 350 branches across South Africa, Fastway offers one of the most reliable and extensive courier services. It’s also a cheap courier service, which is why so many businesses use them.  

Fastway offers a very reliable parcel tracking service, wide-reaching networks, and efficient delivery services.  

3. Globeflight 

Globeflight has been in operation since 1998. This well-established and cheap courier service offers a wide range of logistics options. This includes delivery options like overnight deliveries and express same-day deliveries.  

They operates across South Africa, as well as serving international deliveries. So, if you’re looking for an affordable courier service to a far-off destination, then Globeflight is a top choice.  

4. Door 2 Door 

Door 2 Door is a highly regarded courier company in South Africa. They have many fantastic customer reviews based on their efficient deliveries and affordable courier prices. The company also focuses on delivering personalised customer service. 

Door 2 Door offers a wide range of logistics options, including international deliveries. This includes overnight deliveries, standard/budget cargo, and international deliveries.  

5. Courier It 

Courier It is a popular South African courier service for businesses. They offer specialised express delivery services both locally and internationally. The company has over 14 branches and 23 network hubs in South Africa. This allows them to deliver packages all over the country.  

Courier It has many long-standing relationships with businesses, thanks to the company’s high level of reliability. They also offer an efficient package tracking service to make logistics a lot easier.  

6. PostNet 

PostNet is one of the best-known and most established courier companies in South Africa. After being in operation for nearly three decades, the company has established more than 390 franchised stores around the country.  

This means PostNet is an easy and highly accessible courier service to use. You can also get your package delivered anywhere with PostNet – both locally and internationally. PostNet offers a wide range of logistics solutions to all kinds of clients around South Africa.  

7. Dawn Wing 

Dawn Wing is another well-established courier company. It’s also a highly reliable and cheap courier service. 

Dawn Wing has a specialised delivery timetable for parcels up to 30 kg. They serve businesses and individuals and deliver to regions all around the country. Dawn Wing is also well regarded for its use of technology to keep parcels safe and on track. 

8. City Logistics 

City Logistics offers an extensive delivery network around South Africa. The established courier company also has over 100,000 square metres of warehousing space, so it’s perfectly capable of fulfilling large orders.   

This reliable courier service offers a wide range of distribution, warehousing, and linehaul solutions for businesses around South Africa. They have delivery vehicles of all sizes to meet the specific logistical requests of practically any business. 

A courier service can make or break any business If you offer an online store and deliveries, then having a great product isn’t always enough. You will also need a reliable and affordable courier partner to help you with fulfilment. This should be easy to manage, efficient, and offer a positive experience for your customers. 

Our list above includes some of the top courier services in South Africa. These companies have been chosen based on their affordability, reliability, logistical networks, and overall customer service. Be sure to choose your courier carefully, as it can make a major difference to your overall operations. 

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