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Design and personalise your emails and keep track of your email campaigns from anywhere and at any time, whether it is on a desktop or Mailchimp’s mobile app.

The service provides features like a drop-and-drag editor, pre‑designed templates, as well as other useful functionalities to help you send the right emails with the right messaging. For example, you can get help on crafting the right subject lines based on feedback from their Subject Line Helper.

Mailchimp offers a free plan with up to 2,00 subscribers with limited features, including the survey feature and free CRM, both help users to get insightful feedback from their audience.

The service also has over 250 App integrations available, connecting to apps and web services like LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, LiveChat, SimpleTexting, Squarespace, Stripe, and Shopware.


While the free plan allows users up to 2,000 subscribers, it has limited features. To expand the number of features you have access to you, opt for the paid plans.

Free plan – up to 2,000 contacts. Features include one-person access, the abandoned cart email, one-click automated welcome email, and basic reporting. Also included marketing CRM, website builder, and Mailchimp domain, forms, and landing pages.

Essentials plan – $9,99 per month. Starts from 500 contacts, with the option to increase to up to 50,000 contacts.

All Free Plan Features included. Additional features include three audiences, three seats, including the owner and admin permissions. The features are the same as the free plan. In addition, you also get access to email templates, Multi-Step Journeys, custom branding, A/B Testing, and 24/7 Email & Chat Support.

Standard plan – $14,99 per month. Starts from 500 with the option to increase to up to 100,000 contacts.

All Essentials Plan Features included. Additional features include five audiences, five seats, retargeting ads, customer journey builder and branching points, send-time optimization, and custom templates.

Premium plan – $299 per month. Starts from 10,000 with the option to increase to up to 200,000 contacts.

All Essentials Plan Features included. Additional features include unlimited audiences, unlimited number of seats, advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, access to phone support, 24/7 access to email and chat support.

Pay As You Go – this plan is flexible, it works well for users who send out emails on a seasonal basis. You can buy email credits and don’t need a monthly subscription.

Nonprofits – There is a 15% discount for nonprofits and charities – you need to apply for this.

Note: The number of emails you can send per month is based on the plan you have.

Main features

Drag-and-drop email editor – Easily design professional and responsive emails without the help of tech or IT expert.

Transactional emails – Send individual emails to a customer based on their previous experience with your brand.

Marketing automation – Create a great customer experience using the customer journey tool.

250+ App integrations – Make the best of marketing and enhance your customers’ shopping experience as they interact with your brand, make use of integrated apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, LiveChat, SimpleTexting, Squarespace, Stripe, and Shopware.

Free surveys – Use forms to get immediate feedback from your customers and find out what they want from you.

Free CRM – Understand how to keep your customers engaged with the data you get from the Marketing CRM tool.

Free social media management – Create, schedule and manage your social media accounts from one place, and get the data in one space.

Real-time analytics – Keep track of your customers’ behaviours as they interact with your brand whether via email or on your website, use the insights to create a better customer journey.

Mobile app – Make use of Mailchimp at any time and anywhere, access your email marketing campaigns from your cell phone.


Free tools such as surveys, Marketing CRM, as well as providing app integration with more than 250 apps and web services.


Pricing for plans is not set and can increase depending on the number of contacts.

Customer service

All plans come with free email support and access to the AI chatbot for assistance, as well as access to Guides and Tutorials on the platform. You get 24/7 support for free from Mailchimp during your first 30 days with them.

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Brand Features

  • Transactional emails
  • Marketing automations
  • 250+ App integrations
  • Free surveys & CRM
  • Mobile app


Finding the right purchases for your small business is time consuming, so looked at the list of options to come up with the following recommendations.

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