17th ,April, 2022

About the Sage HRMS

Sage is a cloud based integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems software company. The Sage HRMS is an automated time and attendance-tracking software platform that forms part of their suite of products. This workforce management solution enables business owners to collect, analyse, and take immediate control of employee attendance and labour data. The goal of the platform is to help HR and payroll professionals to improve payroll accuracy, save money, and become more efficient.

Sage HRMS Features

Time tracking – Sage HRMS integrates with Sage HR and payroll solutions and helps to collect, automate, and analyse employees’ time and attendance data such as employee hours worked and overtime.

Minimise compliance risk – The Sage HRMS ensures compliance by providing accurate records of employee hours worked and leave taken, required HR and reporting purposes.

Labour insight and management reports – Reports-based reporting module gives business owners access to real-time labour analysis information and empowers them to manage their workforce and streamline labour costs.

Employee scheduling – Ability to design your workforce calendar, including shifts, transfers, and more.

Real-time status monitor – Real-Time Status Monitor enables you to monitor who is online.


The Sage HRMS is available with two packages – the Sage Business Cloud Accounting and the Sage Business Cloud Accounting PLUS Payroll Bundle – for an additional R1,332 a year.

Below are the packages prices.

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting (R3 441 incl. VAT per year)
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting PLUS Payroll Bundle (R3 510 incl. VAT per year)


Easy to use.


Complicated set up.


If you have questions or need support you can submit an inquiry form on their website.

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Brand Features

  • Leave Tracking
  • Payroll Management
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Performance Management


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