The Future of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Posted on February 13th, 2023
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Future of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

What does the future of social media marketing look like for small businesses? If current trends are anything to go by, social media will become an even bigger part of small businesses marketing strategies as consumers continue to spend more and more time online.

Heading into 2023 and beyond, small business owners should ensure that their social media marketing strategies are guided by the following key trends.

  1. Small businesses get in on influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a social media marketing trend that small businesses have traditionally not been able to take full advantage of, largely because of cost. This is set to change this year as big companies, who are also facing shrinking marketing budgets, spend less on influencer campaigns.

The Hootsuite Social Media Trends 2023 report, claims that this leaves the door wide open for smaller businesses to compete for top creators at lower price points. For small businesses looking to leap, the benefits of influencer marketing for small businesses are increased brand awareness and access to a new audience. Influencer marketing is also more targeted and offers an authentic way to present your brand’s message.

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2. Short-form video leads the future of social media marketing for small businesses

Video content is becoming an essential part of every brand’s content marketing strategy. In particular, we are seeing a growing appetite for short-form videos (60-second to two-minute videos). Tick Tock videos, Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts are popular examples of this type of content. Other platforms are following suit and are expanding their short-form offerings, including Google, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Brands can use short-form video for a variety of purposes – from campaigns and product teasers to influencer ads and user-generated content. Short-form videos can also be used for behind-the-brand videos, as well as explainer and educational content.

3. Commerce becomes social

Social commerce will play a major role in the future of social media marketing for small businesses. This type of commerce involves businesses making use of social media platforms to sell their goods or services in addition to an e-commerce website. Consumers can buy through direct links to buy products.

This trend rose in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic which accelerated the shift to online shopping. The ‘Social Commerce Trends to Watch Out For in 2023‘ report predicts that this trend will grow in popularity into the foreseeable future, particularly with low-priced items.

“Just like in previous years, people will be more inclined to purchase low-priced items than big-ticket ones on their social accounts.”

4. Keyword Search & SEO take centre stage

Google has long been the leader when it comes to search. This is, however, changing as Millennials and Gen Z’s search on Tick Tock and Instagram more and more. This means keyword research is no longer limited to just websites and is becoming increasingly important for social media. To benefit from this trend make sure you optimise your social media posts with keywords. The LaterBlog recommends that businesses make a list of keywords that they would like to rank for and create social content around them.

5. AI goes mainstream

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently been making headlines and is promising to be more accessible than ever. Small businesses can leverage AI to not only automate repetitive tasks but to create content. AI-inspired visual effects, as well as copy generators like Chat GPT, are examples of how AI can support content generation. Brands and creators are using these technologies to draft outlines or generate ideas for written content.

Neil Patel in his 2023 SEO predictions recommends that business owners start taking advantage of AI writing tools.

“If you’ve never used one of these platforms to boost your writing process, it’s time to start.”

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