Township Business Events You Should Know About

Updated on 5 June 2023

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township business events

Although it doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves, the township business economy is alive and well. There are thousands of innovative and exciting township entrepreneurs across South Africa, each with valuable knowledge and stories to share.

Attending the right township business events is one of the best ways for any township entrepreneur to grow their knowledge and network. Various events run throughout the year, where township business owners can connect with each other, learn more about the informal economy, absorb valuable business skills, connect with possible mentors, and display their businesses to potential customers. If this sounds interesting to you, then here are some of the best township business events that you should know about.

Township Economies

Township Economies is one of the most exciting business events for township entrepreneurs. The event includes a two-day conference designed to help township entrepreneurs access all the tools and information they need to grow their businesses. There is also an expo that gives township entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their businesses and products.

The Township Economies event is focused on exploring support services for the informal market sector. The event highlights challenges that township entrepreneurs face and provides strategies for improving and expanding support services for anyone working in the informal market sector.

If you are a township entrepreneur looking to grow your business and learn valuable business skills, then this is an event you won’t want to miss.


The Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA) is a national township-based organisation that creates platforms to help township entrepreneurs learn, network, and grow. Their regular TEA events connect township entrepreneurs, government officials, and corporate leaders together to help grow the township economy.

While each event is unique, they all focus on some kind of township business workshop or networking experience. The events are designed to equip township entrepreneurs with valuable business skills to build more sustainable businesses. There are also business exhibition opportunities and business pitching challenges.

Township and Village Tourism Expo

Any township entrepreneurs focused on the tourism sector need to check this event out. The Township and Village Tourism Expo is a premier event for showcasing products, services, and trends in the township tourism sector.

The expo includes keynote speakers, panel discussions, and exhibitor booths. This provides attendees with excellent opportunities for learning more about the industry and networking with other township tourism professionals. As an exhibitor, you get both a booth space and the opportunity to give a presentation. This is a great opportunity for any growing township tourism business.

Africa Entrepreneurship Indaba

The Africa Entrepreneurship Indaba is an entrepreneur conference and exhibition event that provides excellent learning and networking opportunities.

While it’s not specifically focused on township businesses, the platform does provide township entrepreneurs with a chance to exhibit their businesses, attend business seminars, and connect with some of the key players in their industry.

Anyone looking to explore their entrepreneurial opportunities, get inspired, and join other African business owners should certainly consider adding this event to their calendar.

eKasiMall Market Presents #PretoriaJuly event

The eKasiMall Market presents #PretoriaJuly event is a special event for township brands to showcase and sell their products to the Tshwane community.

The event includes a VIP section with food, music, drinks, and general admission. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the potential of township brands and what kind of products and innovations township entrepreneurs are offering. Not only will you be able to network with other like-minded township entrepreneurs, you will also be able to sell your products at the event.

Startup Grind

Although Startup Grind is not specifically focused on township businesses, it is one of the best platforms to meet and learn from other entrepreneurs and investors. Startup Grind hosts regular events each month, where business owners come together to find mentorship, connect with new partners, and reach new users.

Beyond the networking aspect, Startup Grind is also a great opportunity to learn from some highly successful people across various industries. Each event has its own unique theme and focus.

These are a few of the most exciting township business events that take place. Joining the right event could be an excellent opportunity to learn from other successful township entrepreneurs, expand your business network, gain inspiration, and connect with potential customers.

If you are serious about growing your business, then attending regular business events is always a good idea. No matter what type of business you run or the industry you’re focused on, these events can add plenty of value to entrepreneurs.

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