SA Company Partners With Dutch Startup To Change The Future Of Healthcare

Updated on 7 September 2017

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SA Company Partners With Dutch Startup To Change The Future Of Healthcare


Dutch health-tech startup and #cocreate2ACCELERATE participant MEDx eHealthCenter has signed a partnership agreement to create a health tech pilot with South African company, Santerno Health & Wellness.

The aim of the collaboration is to demonstrate how the MEDx Care integrated health technology can make a difference in the simplification of health processes and optimisation of health operations for the greater benefit of those who offer care as well as those who need it. MEDx eHealthCenter wants to be the first digital hospital offering data-driven care to the communities in emerging and developing countries.

The digital hospital is a community-based platform that connects healthcare providers, healthcare seekers and families in an innovative environment and enables access, acquisition and payment of healthcare services.


The #cocreateACCELERATE program aims to foster collaboration between Dutch and South African startups with the aim of stimulating international partnerships and expansions. It is an initiative of the Netherlands Consulate General.

Accessible And Affordable

“Healthcare is riddled with high complexities and great challenges, which often place a heavy burden on the healthcare provider, the healthcare payer and the patient. We expect our service modules to reduce administrative and increase quality of time spent in consultation, as well as precision in follow up consultations.

Likewise, we expect more value created for the corporates and insurance companies paying for care, as well as the patients,” stated Patricia Monthe, CEO and
founder of MEDx Care.

“We are excited about the partnership between Santerno and MEDx. Both organisations share the common belief that healthcare should and can be made both accessible and affordable” says Mrs Shongy Mahlo, Managing Director of Santerno Health and Wellness.

Consul General Bonnie Horbach is thrilled about the first tangible outcome of the programme, “the greatest value of this programme, is access to a network that will assist in establishing businesses in both South Africa and the Netherlands. #cocreate2ACCELERATE is premised on the belief that we first need to truly understand what the needs are and by listening and building relationship businesses from South Africa and The Netherlands can work together to find solutions to these needs.”

“South Africa has a desperate need for quality healthcare that is affordable, especially at the low end of the market. As Santerno, we believe that it should be
possible to leverage technology to make this possible. With the MEDx eHealth Center platform, this aspiration is now possible” continues Mahlo. “We have already identified a number of pilot projects that we will jointly work on over the coming weeks.”

“Joining the #cocreate2ACCELERATE program has been quintessential to understanding the pain points from the various players in the local healthcare market, and in identifying our entry points into the South African market. We look forward to the outcomes of this collaboration, and the promising prospects in South
Africa,” says Patricia Monthe, CEO & Founder of MEDx Care.

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