Visa Business Revolve Credit Card

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6th ,September, 2021


ABSA’s Visa Business Revolve Credit Card offers a revolving credit facility which means you can withdraw money and repay. This is ideal for small and medium enterprises that want to manage everyday banking expenses and improve cash flow.

One of the benefits of this credit card is that there are zero fees when you use your card on point-of-sale purchases; however, you do pay transaction fees on items such as cash withdrawals, casino transactions, and internet banking transfers. The credit card provides automatic travel insurance.

Visa cardholders get access to the Bidvest lounge and receive a 15% discount off lounge access charges at Premier Lounges. Visa commercial cardholders receive a discounted rate at the Elite car park.

The Visa Business Revolve Credit Card can be used on any point-of-sale machine in the world and the card offers safe and secure online transactions.

You can link your Garage card, which will pay for fuel, oil or any other vehicle-related expenses.


Type of credit: Revolving credit facility, meaning you can withdraw cash to fund your business, repay it, and withdraw it again.

Qualifying Criteria: Your business must fall under the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) category.

Repayment Terms: The monthly installment will be as little as 3% of the outstanding balance. However, if you want to pay back the money in full before 55 days, you will have interest-free credit.

Application process: Make a call or visit the branch to start the application process. Your credit limit is approved at the account level. Note: If the main account holder decides to apply for a secondary card, the secondary cardholder will have access to the same credit limit as the main account holder.


Fees: Once approved, costs include:

  • Once off initiation fee – R300
  • Monthly service fees – R35,50
  • Garage Card – is sold separately but can be linked to the Business Card; annually it costs R305.
  • Lost card administration fee – R140

Interest rate: You are advised to ask your personal banker about this.

Rewards: There is no mention of an annual fee for the rewards programme. Visa card holders can receive a 15% discount off lounge access charges at Premier Lounges of Bidvest lounges, and a preferential rate of R85 per day at the Elite car park.

Other: The following are sold separately and can be paid annually: Purchase Card (R381), Virtual Pay (R820), Aviation Card (R329), and a Travel Lodge Card (R632).


Automatic travel insurance and the discounts on Bidvest premier lounges and Elite car parks.


There is no information online about what you need to qualify when you apply for this credit card, nor is there information on what your credit limit will be.

Customer service

You can contact ABSA via telephone to speak to a personal banker.

Brand Features

  • Revolving credit facility
  • No transaction fees at point-of-sales
  • Discounted rates from Elite car park
  • Discount on Bidvest lounge access
  • Automatic travel insurance


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