‘I Found Alignment and Purpose’ – Angela Sibanyoni #ShareYourYear

Updated on 5 December 2019

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What can you achieve in a year? To find out, we asked our thought leaders to share their 2019 highs and lows. This was the year that Angela Sibanyoni stopped chasing deadlines to find her greater purpose. 

The year started with a lot of hope and ambition, set goals and clear vision. My energy levels were high and opportunities seemed abundant. I was determined to kick open every door I come across to achieve my goals. There were late nights and early mornings, trying to complete tasks and juggling between the many roles I play as a young woman. The exhaustion did not stop me because, more than fatigue, I had my eye on the prize. I was determined to succeed and close 2019 with a bang.

Beyond achieving materialistically and monetary, I had a very interesting journey of self-discovery and transformation. I realised everything I have been doing was out of selfish ambitions and it felt like I was crowded with many tasks, but no purpose.

I did a lot of self-introspection which helped me find myself, I embarked on a journey of total transformation. I know I am not speaking numbers here, but our well-being is as important as breaking even or making profit.

I had to accept that some things are not for me and I will never be everybody’s cup of tea

Finding purpose

Self-realisation helped me to align to my purpose. I had to spare some time to think and strategise, instead of running around and trying to complete tasks and close deals. This helped has made me function better and achieve more. You cannot give from an empty cup, you need to take care of your well-being, spirit, body and soul. My vision is clearer than when I started the year and my energy level are higher than ever before.

I lost some things based on my integrity and a change in priorities. Self-realisation teaches us to specialise and to be focused on a goal. I had to accept that some things are not for me and I will never be everybody’s cup of tea.

Stop hoping and start doing

Like every year, entrepreneurship was challenging. This is due to funding constraints and a lack of information and awareness, especially among young people in the rural areas. The number of young people starting businesses continues to increase, but the challenge is keeping these businesses alive and expanding. We need to look at innovative ways to sustain businesses and contribute to the economy, without relying on grants all the time. It is OK to start small and grow by re-investing into the business.

We are used to ending a year by saying “we are hoping for a better year”, but 2019 has taught me to stop hoping and start planning and to follow my purpose. Diligence is not only hard work physically, but it requires strategy. Let’s be strategic in 2020 and knock on strategic doors.

With determination, perseverance, purpose and diligence, 2020 is going to be a great year for entrepreneurs. Remember, it’s not only your product or service that adds value, but you yourself, as the brand of the organisation, add value to the business with your time, money and wisdom. Take care of yourself and take time to find yourself.

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