‘Trust the Process Despite Failure’ – Amanda Rabinowitz #ShareYourYear

Updated on 17 December 2019

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What can be achieved in a year? To find out, we asked our thought leaders to share their 2019 highs and lows. A visit to Israel gave Amanda Rabinowitz valuable perspective on failures and setbacks, she writes.  

Jellybean Concept Events was born in 2012, focusing on kiddies events – however soon thereafter it naturally progressed into a strong competitor within the shopping mall and corporate event space.

Knowledge, growth and wins

Most recently, I visited Israel to learn more about their entrepreneurial market and also how I can apply their strategies to my own business back in South Africa.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned was to take failures and setbacks as a positive – an opportunity to learn and grow – rather than a negative.

For many, 2019 was a hard year, and I can put my hand up too, however this past year also brought great wins for us at Jellybean Concept Events, such as growing a larger footprint in the shopping mall space. Getting to work with the team at Sandton City to pull off some truly out-of-the-box experiential events, which was a goal I have always had.

We also grew our relationships with existing clients and did more private events, which was a huge goal for me this year! The biggest win has to be seeing my team grow with every event and the confidence that comes with it from each member.

Watching my team (full and part time staff) be as passionate about JellyBean Concept Events as I am, is honestly the biggest win I could ask for. Breathing passion and our Jellybean ethos has been priceless, that’s what makes the business and what makes it grow.

The biggest lesson learned has to be to trust the process – the wheel always turns

Trust the process even in the face of failure

With success come challenges, and with challenges come lessons and boy did I learn a lot this year! Don’t sweat the small stuff, keep pushing forward and don’t be disappointed when doors close, because as cliche as it sounds, when one door closes, another one opens up.

We had huge internal staff shifts with staff leaving and new staff starting – it was important for the team and I to keep moving forward as one.

The biggest lesson learned has to be to trust the process – the wheel always turns. Being an entrepreneur is a constant internal battle with oneself. It’s about always trying to be positive or seeing the positive side of any shift in your business, whether it be employees moving on, jobs not signed off that you really wanted, or competitors imitating your work.

There is space for everyone

Push through

Entrepreneurship has completely taken off in this country, and it’s an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurial people to build up businesses from their passions, whilst also increasing employment opportunities.

My biggest hope for fellow entrepreneurs is to work together. Support one another, as we often are all going through the same business issues. Entrepreneurship is definitely not for the faint hearted, and it takes a great deal of support and ambition to push through the tough times. No matter how many years it took to grow one’s business, there are still those tougher days. It’s an exciting career path which allows one to look back and see the growth your “little baby” as I call it.

Go forth and conquer, there is space for everyone and now really is the time.

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