Jumia Launches Android App

Updated on 26 March 2018

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African e-commerce company, Jumia, has announced the launch of Jumia One, an all-in-one Android app that allows customers to conduct all types of online transactions including airtime recharge, DSTV and electricity payments, as well as access to all Jumia services – all via a single app.

Says Paul Midy, Jumia CEO: “Our mission is to bring every online service in one place and make them easier, more secure and more affordable for everyone. We have built a one-stop shop for Africa where people could fulfil their daily needs or payments online on a single app.”

Jumia app

Jumia One Nigeria’s MD, Kushal Dutta, notes that small-scale businesses and full-fledged companies can use the app to attract more customers, as it provides them with a free opportunity to download (for customers) and install (for businesses).

“The new app is useful to both customers and entrepreneurs looking to sell everyday goods and services. You can sell or buy airtime, make payments across different banks, pay your church offerings, pay for your betting games or favourite sports, book Uber, pay for internet data, and most importantly, access all Jumia services, be it shopping for groceries or buying gadgets; ordering food online; or booking flights or a hotels,” Dutta says.

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