4 powerful connections you make through networking

Updated on 26 January 2015

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4 powerful connections you make through networkingNetworking is a business fundamental that is often ignored. Many people who are not fans of networking will often complain that it’s a time waster, or that they don’t enjoy having to constantly tell the same story over and over again.
Despite the downsides, there are real benefits to networking, says Jose Vasquez, CEO of QuezMedia.com, a US based marketing and web design company.
The biggest benefit of networking are the connections you make, he says. These are individuals who in various capacities, will help drive your startup to success.
“Professional networking, both online and in person, is a necessary ongoing strategy for startup entrepreneurs,” he writes in his article for the Huffington Post

In it he goes on to lists some of the most advantageous connections you could make, here are our favourites:
1. Investors
The crowd funding trend has not made investors obsolete, says Vasquez. Apart from giving you funds, a living breathing investor could serve as your mentor or adviser, he says.
2. Partners
Good partners are hard to find, “the more connections you have, the more possibilities you’ll have for partnership and expansion,” he writes.
3. Team
A strong and capable team cannot be underestimated, particularly in the startup phase. Networking, Vasquez says, is one of the best ways to meet and recruit talent.
4. New clients
One aspect of networking that is often overlooked, is that it can be a wonderful sales opportunity says Vasquez. Entrepreneurs should use every opportunity available to them to sell their product.

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