SME South Africa Launches Free Business Guides to Help SMEs Navigate the Challenges of COVID-19

Posted on February 8th, 2021
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To support and empower entrepreneurs during a challenging time, SME South Africa has launched a series of free COVID-19 Business Guides and Support Resources.

SME South Africa’s mission has always centred around helping small businesses thrive and supporting them is more important now than ever before.

As part of the series entrepreneurs can download the tools, guidance and inspiration they need to navigate what’s next and plan for operations in a post-lockdown economy.

Help is Needed

The COVID-19 pandemic has already significantly impacted local businesses and will have a potentially lasting impact on our economy.

Many of the challenges that SMEs are currently facing have only been made worse by the COVID-19 crisis. This is according to the McKinsey & Company report, ‘How South African SMEs Can Survive and Thrive Post COVID-19’.

The report shows that some of the challenges entrepreneurs are dealing with are low awareness of funding opportunities, market access, limited use of technology to reach new customers and business compliance, among others.

What’s Inside the COVID-19 Business Guides

The Best Time to Start a Business is Now

For entrepreneurs in search of business ideas, ‘The Best Time to Start a Business is Now – 20+ Business Opportunities to Venture Into’ guide provides a comprehensive list of lucrative ventures they can launch – from COVID-19-specific ideas and digital products to ideas targeting the township market, and more.

SME South Africa ‘The Best Time to Start a Business is Now – 20+ Business Opportunities to Venture Into’ guide

GET YOUR COPY: Download 25+ business ideas for all industries in South Africa, including:

– Retail
– Digital
– Food & beverage
– Entertainment
– Health and fitness

PLUS – Business ideas for COVID-19


Funding Opportunities in the Agricultural Sector

The second guide in the series, ‘20+ Business Funding Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in the Agricultural Sector’ is targeted at entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of opportunities within the agricultural sector.

Inside, entrepreneurs can find information on the various types of funding available in the agricultural sector, including debt financing, grants, government incentives, private equity and venture capital.

GET YOUR FREE COPY: Download 20+ Business Funding Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in the Agricultural Sector

Get a full list of agricultural funds for the following categories/businesses:

– Field crop farming
– Animal production
– Dairy farming
– Food & agricultural value chain
– Agro-processing

PLUS – Funds for Black and Women-owned agriculture businesses


More COVID-19 Business Guides on the Way

Entrepreneurs can also look forward to ‘The Big Business Bounce Back Guide’ eBook which will be launched later this month. This “Back-to-Basics” Guide educates SMEs on how to use this time to focus on building a ‘crisis-proof’ business and provides strategies to help them thrive beyond COVID-19.

Packed with practical, expert business advice, tips and resources, this downloadable resource will provide insights to the challenges SMEs are facing at this time, along with recommendations for how to address some of these challenges.

About SME South Africa

SME South Africa provides entrepreneurs with business tools and resources to further develop their businesses. Their mission is to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem by providing valuable insights.

Its content marketing hub specialises in crafting B2B content marketing and lead generation campaigns for brands such as Telkom, Nedbank, Vodacom Financial Services and Bolt for Business.

Last year, SME South Africa launched its White Paper, Advancing Technology Use Among South African SMEs to Accelerate Growth, sponsored by Telkom. The White Paper offers insight into how small businesses are using technology.

SME South Africa is also behind the SME landscape report, An Assessment of South Africa’s SME Landscape: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks and Next Steps 2018/2019, which gives a comprehensive assessment of the state of SMEs in South Africa.

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