How to Start a Scooter Delivery Business 

Updated on 24 June 2022

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If you’re dreaming of becoming your own boss, there are many unique business ideas you could follow. One great option is a scooter delivery business.  

Starting a scooter delivery business is relatively easy. You don’t need major capital investment, and there is always a high demand for quality delivery services.  

Follow this guide to help you figure out how to get started.  

How Do I Start a Scooter Delivery Business in South Africa? 

Starting a scooter delivery business in South Africa is relatively simple. The first, and most important, step is to have a reliable vehicle. Once you own a delivery vehicle (in this case a scooter), you are already about 80% there.  

For a scooter delivery business, you need to ensure your scooter is equipped to handle whatever it is you’re delivering. This will probably include attaching a delivery box to the scooter.  

Once your delivery vehicle is sorted, the next step is to get clients. There are a couple of different ways to go about this.  

To start a small-scale delivery operation, you can work as a freelance delivery driver for big companies like Takealot, Uber Eats, Checkers, Mr D, and more. You could also contact independent retailers and restaurants to see if they require a driver.  

Alternatively, you might want to start a large-scale scooter delivery business operating a full fleet of delivery vehicles. If this is the case, you will need to gain a contract with retailers.   

The other step in starting a delivery business is to make sure you have the right licenses. Of course, you will need a valid scooter license if you plan on making the deliveries. 

If you are starting a larger scooter delivery business with a fleet of vehicles, you might also need to invest in additional equipment, like dollies.  

Is a Delivery Business Profitable? 

Deliveries are always in high demand. With online shopping, and meal and grocery delivery services becoming increasingly popular, there is a lot of room for delivery companies to make money.  

The advantage of running a scooter delivery business is that scooters cost a lot less to purchase and maintain. Fuel costs are lower, and they don’t get stuck in traffic. This makes them ideal for city delivery services.  

The downside is that space is limited on scooters, so you cannot load up a full day’s worth of deliveries on one trip.  

The more scooters you have in your fleet, and the more deliveries you can do the more profitable your business will be.  

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Delivery Industry Overview, Trends, and Challenges 

Scooter deliveries may be rising in popularity, but this also brings about challenges. There is a lot of competition, which has resulted in customers’ expectations increasing. Customers expect very low (or free) delivery fees and speedy deliveries.  

Deliveries are becoming an increasingly important part of all industries. Delivery volumes are continually rising, as more businesses and sectors turn to e-commerce and offer innovative delivery solutions.  

Scooter Delivery Business Laws and Regulations 

Unlike other businesses, like starting a bakery or food-service business, the licensing and requirements for a scooter delivery business are minimal.  

To operate a scooter delivery business, you will need to ensure that all drivers have valid licenses and that all vehicles are properly registered. Other than that, you will just need to make sure that your business is properly registered. 

Delivery businesses will also require the right kind of insurance. 

Tech Tools for a Scooter Delivery Business 

There are two essential pieces of technology you need to run your scooter delivery business: A scooter and a GPS (a smartphone will do). Other than that, you won’t need much.  

Using built-for-purpose delivery software will be a big bonus to help you manage logistics, deliveries, and route planning. It is also a good idea to invest in software solutions for tasks like accounting, payroll, and marketing if applicable.   

As long as you have a scooter and a valid license, you can get your scooter delivery business off the ground. As your demand picks up, this kind of business model is relatively easy to scale. Do it right, and it could be a very enjoyable way to make money. 

The profitability of starting a small business like this just depends on how many deliveries you can do and how efficiently you can do them. With a solid operations plan, running a scooter delivery business can be very rewarding.  

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