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What Does the End of Financial Year Mean?

  Properly preparing for the end of financial year is an important task for any business owner. If you’re well prepared, the end of the financial year is a breeze.

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A Guide on Small Business Tax

Understanding small business tax is an essential part of being an entrepreneur. While tax is unavoidable, knowing the right small business tax route can save you money and help you

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Tax and legal implications of hiring gig workers

The following content is paid for by Sage. With the shift to remote working, more businesses are using the gig economy (or platform economy) and turning to contingent workers to

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Tax Guide: Tax Filing for Entrepreneurs

Tax filing season kicked off this week and millions of South Africans are planning to file their annual returns. New entrepreneurs who have left corporate employment to start a home-based

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Closing down your biz? Here are your legal requirements

Closing down a business can be deeply painful. It represents the proverbial death of your dreams, that your blood sweat and tears were all in vain and ultimately the break-up of

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Product Packaging and Labelling Regulations

The role of product packaging and labeling has become quite significant as it is used as an efficient marketing tool to attract consumers, and also serves as a functional shipping