Why Having Too Many Documents Can Be Bad for Business

Posted on March 17th, 2021
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Why Having Too Many Documents Can Be Bad for Business

For many businesses, paperwork is the backbone of efficiency and functionality. Many companies simply cannot function without their administrative processes and document solutions. However, this often leads to mountains of poorly maintained filing systems and antiquated storage solutions. Yet, using hard-copy paperwork doesn’t mean you have to tackle archives and records management alone. Professional records management companies can change the way you look at your records and make a difference to your bottom line.

While you may need to access your records, you may also affect your business’s functionality by employing bad practices. The symptoms of poor records management include:

  • Paperwork stacks up faster than it can be filed away
  • Your records take up too much physical space in your offices
  • Sharing, retrieving and distributing files is awkward and difficult
  • Documents are misplaced, misfiled and take time to retrieve

If you are stuck in a cycle of any of these bad habits, perhaps it’s time to make a change.

The unintended consequences of poor records management:

  • Time is wasted trying to process and complete tasks because processes are not streamlined
  • Valuable space on your premises is taken up by paperwork which can make conditions uncomfortable and pose a safety risk
  • Documents are frequently lost, stolen or misplaced
  • Communication between customers and co-workers is lacking, which can lead to poor workplace culture
  • Employees are stressed and under pressure which affects productivity

Ultimately, the consequences of poor records management can wreak havoc on your business processes and even affect workplace culture. But luckily, these processes can be rectified, and there are plenty of options for document solutions. So, whether you opt for offsite storage, online document management or onsite archiving systems, make sure you manage your records properly to improve your bottom line.

To avoid some of the unintended consequences of poor records management, get in touch with a company like the Document Warehouse to help you find tailor-made document solutions for your business.

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