Vox Launches Cloud Backup Solution for SA Businesses

Updated on 3 May 2018

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Vox, a leading integrated ICT provider and telecoms company, has partnered with First for Cloud, a cloud services brokerage, and Veeam, a global software company, to offer a cloud-based backup solution tailored to the needs of local businesses. This collaboration aims to empower organizations by safeguarding their increasingly valuable digital assets in the face of growing cyber threats and operational changes.

As businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey, the volume and importance of the data they collect and manage continue to rise proportionally. This data serves as the lifeblood of their operations, fueling growth and informing strategic decision-making. However, beyond safeguarding against hardware or software failures, the ever-present threat of cybercrime necessitates robust data backup strategies.

Traditionally, businesses might store backed-up information on a server located within the same physical data centre or even their own premises. While this approach offers a basic level of protection, it falls short of best practices. Craig Freer, Vox Executive Head for Cloud and Managed Services, emphasizes the importance of maintaining multiple backup copies, with one stored off-site to ensure a greater level of data security.

“In the event of a data centre-related incident or any unforeseen circumstance impacting the main location, storing a separate backup off-site provides a critical failsafe mechanism,” explains Freer. “This ensures that businesses aren’t left completely vulnerable to data loss.”

Beyond safeguarding against physical disasters, the cloud-based solution addresses the alarming increase in cybercrime, particularly malware and ransomware attacks. These malicious software tools aim to encrypt or block access to data, often demanding ransom payments for its recovery.

“If your server is compromised by malware or ransomware, and you lack a reliable backup, the consequences can be devastating,” warns Freer. “The information becomes inaccessible, potentially crippling business operations. Leveraging a cloud-based backup facility adds an extra layer of redundancy, providing a secure and readily available copy of your data in case of an attack.”

This collaborative effort by Vox, First for Cloud, and Veeam provides businesses with a comprehensive solution to navigate the evolving digital landscape. The cloud-based backup offering empowers organizations to:

Protect against data loss: Mitigate the risks associated with hardware failures, software issues, and cyberattacks by ensuring a secure, off-site copy of critical data is always accessible.
Enhance business continuity: Minimize downtime and ensure rapid recovery in the event of disruptions by readily accessing backed-up data to restore operations swiftly.
Improve compliance: Meet regulatory and industry-specific data retention requirements by maintaining secure and easily accessible backups.
By adopting this cloud-based backup solution, businesses can fortify their digital infrastructure, foster resilience against cyber threats, and ensure the continued availability of their critical data – a cornerstone of success in today’s data-driven economy.

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