Vox Launches Cloud Backup Solution for SA Businesses

Posted on May 3rd, 2018

Integrated ICT provider and telecoms company Vox has collaborated with cloud services brokerage First for Cloud and global software company, Veeam to bring to market a cloud-based backup solution to help local business better protect their information.

As companies digitise more of their operations, the data collected and stored becomes increasingly valuable to running and growing their business. Apart from having to mitigate for hardware or software caused issues, the rapid growth of cybercrime makes it critical for businesses to backup their data.

“This is usually done with the backup information being stored on a server that sites within the same data centre or premises. However, if you look at best practice, you need to have multiple copies of a backup, including one that is stored off site to ensure a higher level of protection against data loss,” says Craig Freer, Vox Executive Head for Cloud and Managed Services.

“We’re seeing tremendous growth in the backup space, especially in light growing incidents of malware and ransomware; the reality is if you have an attack on your server and you don’t have a backup, that information is lost. Using a cloud-based backup facility gives them an added layer of redundancy” adds Freer.