Starting an Events Company? What You Should Know

Updated on 21 October 2019

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By: Amanda Rabinowitz, founder, Jellybean Concept Events

In the events sector it’s important to find your niche early on. You may find that the space you want to be categorised in and the space you end up in, are completely different. It happened to me when I first launched Jellybean Concept Events.

Jellybean Concept Events was born in 2012, focusing on kiddies events, however it naturally progressed into a strong competitor within the shopping mall and corporate event space.

Here are my top tips on standing out from the crowd as an events company:

1. Listen to your client

A must for any event execution is a Yes-attitude, superior client service and of course, interactive and creative concepts that speak to the client’s brief, budget and hits the target market right on the mark.

2. Always be a step ahead

Always be on the lookout for international trends, engage and connect with your network and use social media to inspire you.

3. Brainstorm for ideas

At Jellybean Concept Events we have started introducing out-of-office brunch meetings where we – as a team – connect, brainstorm and come up with an array of fun and forward-thinking ideas. We believe in reflecting in previous executions as well as to think about what’s to come.

Your passion, your spirit and work ethos should be so clearly portrayed on your social media pages

We suggest sitting down at your favourite coffee shop and just taking in the people, the vibe, all while listening to some music. It’s amazing how a neutral space can inspire you.

events company amanda rabinowitz
Amanda Rabinowitz, founding owner of Jellybean Concept Events. (Image supplied)

4. Create memorable, immersive experiences

These days more and more clients don’t want a simple event, they want guests to experience the event with take-home memories.

This is created by adding interactive touches throughout the event.

From dressed-up waiters, interactive chefs, photo-booths, live demos and more.

Gone are the days of just a band on the side. We fully immerse our guests into a complete 360 degree experience, often involving all five senses.

5. Be authentic

Clients can see the difference between authenticity and imitation. There is only so far one can go copying other people’s ideas. There is a difference in using a concept for inspiration which flourishes into a new concept, however imitating offerings, portfolios and so forth is not only wrong it lacks any form of creativeness and truth.

6. Don’t be scared to share your ideas and to collaborate

Any industry, especially the events industry, is made up of many inspiring and aspiring individuals. I believe it’s important to connect with others, engage and just chat about the industry, current trends and more. When you collaborate, you grow from seedlings into big creative trees. It also makes being a solo event coordinator feel less lonely.

A great way to display your current work is in the form of a visually appealing portfolio

7. Use social media to stand out

Share your own work on social media and not others’. This relates to staying authentic. Your passion, your spirit and work ethos should be clearly portrayed on your social media pages.

Try and avoid “selling your service” rather than using it as a platform of current and previous work. Keep everything relatable.

8. Create a website and show-stopping portfolio

[Invest in] a legit website with [work you have done for] previous clients and references. This will help with your SEO as well as help you create a genuine name for yourself.

Another great way to display your current work is in the form of a visually appealing portfolio. Add references and previous clients’ work done by you.

9. Hire an A-team

Your team can make or break your business. It’s very important to ensure you hire the right people. I personally hire for personality traits (positivity, team player, hard worker) and believe skills can be taught later.

In fact, none of my team members are trained in events; we all come from completely different backgrounds.

About the Author: Amanda Rabinowitz is a former school teacher and the founding owner of Jellybean Concept Events in Cape Town. The company focuses on  private and corporate events and shopping mall activations.

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